Distinguising Features


Araluen Christian College has a history of excellent teaching and learning standards. In the 2013 National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy, many of our students scored above the National Average, with some achieving extremely well.

Regular College-based assessment alerts us to the special needs of students and enables the implementation of early intervention strategies.

Moderation across the College help us to know we are on track with our assessments of student progress.

Full assessment of all our Transition students in February and June helps us to pick up early when children are having problems.

Learning Support Assistants provided support for children with special learning needs, under the guidance of our Learning Support Coordinator. Sometime additional support is obtained from outside school agencies.

How are we Governed?

We are governed by the board of the NT Christian Schools

This legal entity, with a written constitution, a biblical statement and an educational mandate, oversees the operation of seven Christian schools in the Northern Territory.

  • The Parent Council of Araluen Christian College and the Principal are accountable to NT Christian Schools.
  • NT Christian Schools is governed by a Board made up of Christians committed to providing Christ-centred quality education.
  • NT Christian Schools board along with the CEO supports the local Parent Council and College Leadership who are responsible for the College’s local governance, policy, direction and vision.
  • NT Christian Schools membership is open to all Christians who subscribe to the biblical basis statement.