Enroling a Child at Araluen

Enrolment Policy

Students will be enrolled into the College in the following order of preference:

  1. Children of members of NT Christian Schools
  2. Children of families with siblings currently enrolled at the school
  3. Children of families who are members of a Christian Church
  4. Other children

Enrolment Procedure

Once you decide you would like to seek a place for your child/children at Araluen Christian College, you need to complete and return all necessary paperwork, then an appointment for an interview with the principal will be arranged. The child/children for whom you are seeking a place, need to attend.

Enrolment Form

At this interview we will discuss each child’s academic progress, behaviour, social development and general interests. The child/children will be invited to be part of this discussion and respond to questions asked. This is all done in a non-threatening way.

If there are issues that need to be discussed without the child/children being present, this can be arranged.

Please note that interviews for students on a waiting list will only be made when a place appears likely.

After the interview a decision will be made at College level regarding your application for enrolment. You will receive a letter confirming whether or not your child/children can be accommodated.

Enrolment Application Fee (non-refundable)

  1. New families $250
  2. Existing families $200