Middle School

What is Middle Schooling?

Middle School is a bridge from primary to the senior years of schooling. It builds on the foundation of primary school and thoroughly prepares students for their senior studies, whether that be fully academic or vocationally based.
Middle School is a rich learning environment that allows for consistent change from childhood, through adolescence, to young adulthood. A smaller environment with supportive staff ensures students are personally cared for during these changing years.
In the Middle School, Araluen Christian College focuses on an approach which is Christ-centered, relevant to the 21st century and caters for students’ individual needs. Programs are based on a Christian world view and cover all educational requirements of the Australian Curriculum.


  • Learning is geared towards students’ stages of growth and development so they can achieve success.
  • Programs continue to have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, with individual support. Strong academic achievement is an expectation. Students are expected to work hard and complete all assignment tasks to the best of their ability.
  • Students are involved in higher order and critical thinking skills as they focus on local and global issues.
  • Greater emphasis is placed on students’ exploration of their own attitudes, values and interests.
  • Middle School students are encouraged to become responsible for their home study.
  • Students continue to learn how to work in teams both in class and beyond.
  • Students engage in more sophisticated aspects of Science, SOSE, History Art and Technology.
  • Students have the opportunity to explore and practice leadership skills through service to the College and the Community.

 The use of technology is embedded into all Middle School programs. Students have access to 1 to 1 laptops, these are used as a tool for learning. Students develop their ICT skills while also using technology with safety and integrity in line with the boundaries college policies bring to the use of technology at Araluen Christian College.
The ACC Middle School camping program is for all students in Years 7, 8 & 9. Each year is a unique and different experience. One year we travel to Sydney, Canberra and the Snow, another we visit Kings Canyon and other places of interest within Central Australia. Our third camp is a team building experience at a local outdoor camp. Students develop their relationships within and across the levels of Middle School and gain so much from these valuable times together.