Parent Corner



Welcome to the Parent Corner!

This is a great starting place for you to find helpful information for you and your children. You will find websites, five recommended services in town, as well as articles – focusing on your child’s wellbeing and how we can all contribute towards improving their emotional & mental health!

Parents as Partners – At all Levels

Our distinctive approach to education encourages involvement!

The Parent Prayer Group meet in the Library on Monday’s at 2pm, they pray for the needs of the school, staff and students. Parents are always welcome to spend time having a cuppa following our assemblies on Monday each week.

We believe parents are the primary educators of children and we want to help you in this vital role. Parents are welcome to come into classrooms and assist with a wide range of experiences. This indicates to your child that you are interested in his/her learning, as well as providing help to our teachers.

We appreciate that many parents work, so we offer opportunities outside of “work hours” for you to be involved. We also find many parents are able to attend special events if they are given notice. We want you to share your child’s years at school and see them gradually develop into all God wants them to be.

Parent – Teacher Communication

We are a community in which teachers, students and parents all play vital roles. Community is built up through active communication. We seek to promote this communication through:

  • Greet, Meet & Eat Night at the beginning of the year
  • Interim Reports in Term 1 & Parent Teacher Conversations by booking through the Compass Parent Portal
  • Comprehensive written reports Terms 2 and 4 and follow-up interviews
  • Term 4 Student led conferences
  • Parents being encouraged to visit classrooms and chat informally with teachers
  • Appointments booked through the office with the Principal
  • Various college functions throughout the year

Araluen Christian College Parent Council

  • In collaboration with the Principal and Teacher representative, the Parent Council is responsible for being the ‘moral guardians’ of the vision of our college. The college council has delegated authority from the NT Christian Schools Board and is responsible for delegated matters of governance. The ACC council is key in developing the Self Improvement Renewal Framework (our strategic plan) and also in developing various local policies to guide the college.
  • The council is comprised of up to 8 elected parent members, all of whom are members of NT Christian Schools, active in local church communities and strongly support and are able to agree with NT Christian Schools Statement of Biblical Truths.
  • The council supports the Principal and staff in their various roles in the college by prayer and collegial support.

Araluen Christian College is part of a national network of Christian Schools and Colleges throughout Australia; known as Christian Education National (CEN). This body is our voice at a government level when it comes to funding and issues of equity, and puts forward our perspective in decision-making which affects education and in particular, the education of students in Christian colleges. We are also a member school of the NT Christian Schools.