Primary Years

The Primary Years are the Building Blocks for Life

Your child’s primary years are the building blocks for their future in education and life. As such we work hard to ensure that the Primary curriculum is stimulating and interesting while being geared to your child’s needs. This will develop their inquiring minds and cultivate a sense of wonder, discovery and fascination with the real world and all it has to offer.

This development will take place in a fun and safe environment. These primary years will equip them with the skills and values to find their special place in the world. Primary schooling is not in itself the destination, it is part of the journey.

The primary years are the time when firm foundations are laid for further learning. Literacy and Numeracy are priorities. Literacy Groups, where students read and succeed at their own level while engaging in many and varied literacy activities are organized across classes. Home Reading is essential.

Araluen Christian College works from the Australian Curriculum, along side the NT Christian Schools meta-narrative.

Curriculum areas covered in the Primary years include:

  • English, including Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Multi-media Literacies
  • Maths, incorporating Number, Spatial Awareness, Measurement, Chance & Data and early Algebra
  • History & Geography
  • Science
  • Health & PE and inter-school sport for years 5 & 6
  • Design & Technology and Digital Technology
  • The Arts including Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance and
    Christian Studies

Within the Primary area, teachers develop Connected Units of Work. For example, Year 5 and 6 students have investigated Local History. This involves English – reading about the era, writing “old – time” letters, writing recounts; Maths – developing a time-line; History – studying the people and cultural aspects of the 1890s including indigenous issues; Science – understanding the gold mining process and the properties of gold; Health & PE – investigating health issues and treatments of the 1800’s and playing old time games; Design and Technology – making a machine to separate gold; Art – a range of work including sketching a scene from the goldfields.

Underpinning the Integrated Unit are Essential (Life-long) Learnings, as well as discussions of life’s big questions: How does God intend us to live? What went wrong? How can we change this? How should we live? What does the Bible say about such things as gold? Did the pioneers know God and how do we know they did?

The Primary years need to be remembered as happy ones, and that is why at Araluen Christian College we include lots of fun events such as Free Dress Days, Sports Carnivals, Eisteddfod Entries, Gala Days, incoming performers, and out-going excursions and camps. While it is true we expect our students to work hard in class and do their best, we delight in seeing them being well-adjusted, socially interactive, joyful members of our College community.