Helpful Websites

The following six websites are great and easily accessible resources for parents and caregivers looking for advice on a number of topics:

Kids Matter – the Kids Matter website is dedicated to the wellbeing of students at all schools. Araluen Christian College is a Kids Matter school and highly values the resources that this site offers.

The resources can be found through the following link – it contains practical information, tips and strategies across a wide range of common childhood issues – http://www.kidsmatter.edu.au/families/information-sheets

Parenting Ideas – this site has great articles and videos on parenting from leading writers such as Michael Grosse, as well as mental health tips for students and parents.

Brave 4 You – this is an interactive resource for children and teenagers who are struggling with anxiety. It has 12 online sessions, information, quizzes and practical tasks young people can do to manage their anxiety. A helpful site to go through with your children.

Reach Out– has a helpful array of articles and advice around mental and emotional well-being.

Head Space– this site is for parents and young people, with information on topics such as bullying, stress, body image, conflict, peer pressure, self esteem, problem solving and friendship. There are helpful personal stories.

Matthias Media – this site contains a number of books and resources on spirituality. A particularly helpful resource is the Little Black Books, written by Sydney pastor Scott Petty. They focus on questions that teenagers ask, such as science and God, suffering and evil and the meaning of life. These are found at http://www.matthiasmedia.com.au/growth/youth?series=141&limit=20

Services accessible in Alice Springs:

Here are six organisations in Alice Springs that are equipped to deal with a range of issues that your child may be facing:

Holyoake – Araluen Christian College partners with Holyoake counselling and mental health service here in Alice Springs. If you believe that your child would benefit from counselling, please contact Holyoake who can help you arrange a consultation with them. Holyoake – 21 Newland Street, Alice Springs. Ph. 8952 5899

HeadSpace – this is a free service for all young people aged 12 to 25. It is a one-stop place where people can receive free and confidential services – for physical health with GPs, mental and emotional health discussions with trained professionals or someone to speak with about family and relationships.HeadSpace is located at Shop 5, 5 Hartley Street, Alice Springs. Ph. 8958 4544 to make a booking.

Relationships Australia – Relationships Australia believes that healthy relationships are essential for students and parents to function at their best. They offer counselling services, parent courses and conflict mediation.Relationships Australia – 4/11 Railway Terrace, Alice Springs. Ph. 8952 5878

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (Social Emotional WellBeing branch) – the team at Congress provide culturally appropriate counselling and supports for Aboriginal students and their families.CAAC is located at 14 Leichhardt Terrace, Alice Springs. Ph. 8959 4750 or visit www.caac.org.au

Catholic Care NT – they offer a number of parenting courses, as well as counselling services. Click on http://www.catholiccarent.org.au/locations-contacts/dsp-locations.cfm?loadref=3 to see the list of services they offer here in Alice Springs.Catholic Care is located at 6 Hartley Street, Alice Springs. Ph. 8958 2400

Mental Illness Fellowship NT – they provide free support, advocacy, a library and education for students and families experiencing difficulties through the MiTrack Program.3/58 Reg Harris Lane, Alice Springs. Ph. 8953 1467

Phone Service – for young people and parents:The Kids Helpline is Australia’s only private and confidential telephone and counselling service specifically for young people aged up to 25 years old. Young people can call on 1800 55 1800 at any time to receive support and advice.

Parentline – There is also a confidential telephone counselling service for parents and carers, aiming to help them in their nurturing of healthy relationships with their children. This service is available between 8am and 10pm – call 1300 30 1300 (cost of a local call).

For more information on these, see www.kidshelp.com.au and www.parentline.com.au

Helpful Articles

10 Common Mistakes Parents Make

This is a helpful article about some of the unhelpful ideas that our culture gives us about raising children. Gives a clear idea as to why they are unhelpful and tips on better ways to approach each child.

10 Common Mistakes Parents Make.doc

Kids Matter – Families E-Newsletter

With a different theme each issue, the monthly e-newsletter supports the mental health and wellbeing of families and includes tips and strategies for parents and carers to try out at home.

You can sign up to this monthly newsletter at:


Managing Tough Times – these have suggestions on how to help children as they cope and recover from a traumatic experience.

Managing tough_times_Suggestions for families and staff.pdf


Body Image

Many young people struggle with a poor body image. This sheet looks at what makes up body image and how to go about gaining a more healthy view of oneself.



Some students struggle to get regular, restful sleep. Click on this link for some facts about sleep.

http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/docs/Info-facts about sleep.pdf

Here is a sheet with nine common tips on improving one’s sleep.

Tips on how to get good sleep.docx

Helping Teens Overcome Insecurity – by Simon Clegg

Simon Clegg is a motivational speaker for young people throughout Australia and New Zealand. He has great insights into helping students with bullying and handling insecurity. Please read for some helpful tips on building up their own self-worth.


Building Resilient Kids – www.simonclegg.com.au

This report has many ideas for you to pass on to your children about how they can handle bullying effectively and increase their own personal resilience.

It is in the form of a free E-book found on Simon Clegg’s website: www.simonclegg.com.au


The attitude we have can shape how we see each situation. This page on attitude gives some simple clues as to what forms a healthy, positive attitude.


Dealing with Anger

This is a Powerpoint presentation that looks at what causes anger and an effective process in dealing with anger. Much of the information in the presentation is sourced from a book called ‘The Gift of Anger’ (2011) by Marcia Cannon.

Dealing with anger – powerpoint.pptx

Social Media and dealing with Cyber Bullying

Here is an e-booklet on the nature of cyber bullying and ways that parents can help students deal with it.


This is a simple yet wise poster that looks at what things are helpful for children when using Social Media.


Time Management

Here are some tips on how people can management their time more effectively and reduce the amount of stress in their busy lives.

Time Management.docx

We trust that the websites, articles and services above are helpful to you and your family.

God bless!

Araluen Christian College